Thursday, January 26, 2012

Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

Before deciding on a commercial cleaning service for your office, it is a good idea to get at least 3 quotes from different cleaning companies. A good cleaning company will want to meet with you and walk through your facility before establishing a monthly price for their cleaning services.
During the walk through it is important to notice a few things:
1) Your first impression of the salesperson - is he/she well groomed with neat and clean clothes and shoes? Do they offer you a confident handshake? When they hand literature to you, are they're fingernails clean and well trimmed or are they dirty and bitten?
2) Is the salesperson friendly, enthusiastic and sincerely interested in you and your concerns? During the walk through, does he/she locate any cleaning deficiencies?
3) Does he/she ask any questions about why you are not happy with your current commercial cleaning service and convince you that their commercial cleaning service can solve your problems?
For instance, does the salesperson point out:
  • mineral deposit build up on drinking fountains
  • soap and mineral deposit build up on rest room faucets
  • odors in the rest room
  • metal surfaces that are dull, stained or spotted
  • toilet bowls and urinals with build up or stains
  • tile floors with wax build up or dull finishes
  • carpets with heavy stains
  • dust build up behind computers and surfaces above eye level
It is important that the commercial cleaning service you hire understands your needs. Does the salesperson give you the confidence and establish trust that they have your best interest in mind? Have you discussed cleaning frequencies and the desired level of cleanliness and appearance you expect? If you are interested in just a spot cleaning and emptying of trash on selected days, has the salesperson tried to identify your needs?.
Making the decision to go with a certain office cleaning service depends a lot on compatibility, competence and character.
Has the salesperson described how your building will look after they have finished cleaning? Has he/she offered any guarantees on the quality of their work? A commercial cleaning service should be so thorough that you rarely ever have a complaint and so efficient that their service also saves you money.
If a professional well-kept workplace is important to you, your employees and clients, then hiring a commercial cleaning service is the best way to give the exterior and interior of your commercial space a polished image for your successful business.


  1. Before deciding on a commercial cleaning service for your office, it is a good idea to get at least 3 quotes from different cleaning companies.
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  3. You should be clear on your demands and expectations on the initial meeting. You are the boss and you have the right to say how and what you want cleaned. You are hiring a cleaning service to help you. It would not help if the cleaning is done improperly or not the way you wanted. If they do not seem to get the program, then it wouldn’t be good for your business. If that’s the case, go to your next choice of service provider.

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  6. Knowledge is power. Research is always a key factor in choosing any kind of service for your company. Do background checks, and make sure that the cleaning service you will hire can boast of good reviews from other reputable companies.
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